Calcium pantothenicum VULM

Calcium ointment

no perfumes and preservatives

  • soothing and supporting skin regeneration for small wounds (abrasions, cracks, bruises, scabs, minor burns or minor injuries - non purulent)
  • soothing irritated skin (with redness, itching, burning, irritation from improper use of other products, irritation after sunbathing, shave, tattoo…)
  • super fatting and hydration of the skin with symptoms typical for dry and very dry skin (skin prones to cracking, peeling or skin scaling)
  • care for skin with symptoms typical of atopic dermatitis, contact eczema or skin steamy
  • care for sensitive baby´s skin under the diaper (diaper rash, redness or irritation of the skin under the diaper)
  • soothing, supporting regeneration and care for irritated skin of breast
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