Burow ušná instilácia VULM (Ear instillation)

solution of aluminum acetate and aluminum tartrate Instillatio aluminii acetico-tartarici

Therapeutic indications:
Astringent at the treatment of inflammatory diseases of external auditory canal

Pharmacodynamic indications:
The ear instillation for local use with the content of organic aluminium salt with an astringent effect. In the place of application the organic aluminium salt coagulates the surface layer of protein and thus creates a layer on the skin and mucosa surface, which eases healing and epithelisation.

Active substance in 1 g
solutio aluminii acetico-tartarici 10% 400 mg

ATC group: S02AA04

Packaging: 20 g

Dosage and method of administration: A gauze insert is introduced into the auditory canal and each two hours it is moisturised by the solution.