Indometacínový gél 1 % (Indomethacin gel)

Dermal gel

Therapeutic indications:

  • inflammatory pains of muscles and joints
  • it reduces rheumatic pains, pains after jointdislocation, it mitigates oedema

The indomethacin gel is used at the treatment of degenerative diseases of joints (apart from degenerative diseases of pelvic joint), tenositis, tenosynovitis, painful synostosis of humerus, oedema and pains after tendon rapture, arm or leg joint wrenches, after contusion of tissues. With these indications the medicine is used only in adults and children from 14 years. In children up to 14 years the medicine may be used only at the treatment of juvenile rheumatoid arthrititis.

Active substance in 100 g
Indometacinum 1,0 g

Pharmacotherapeutic group: Antirheumatics, Antiflogistics, Antiurolithics

ATC group: M02AA23, Indomethacin

Packaging: 50 g, 100 g

Dosage and method of administration: Usually, twice to four times a day, apply an adequate amount of gel to the skin above the afflicted areas, rub into the skin and let dry. After gel drying, especially with injuries, it is possible to use an elastic bandage. Use of tight bandage is not recommended.