Octanový krém VULM (Octane cream)

Cremor aluminii acetico-tartarici

Dermal Cream

Therapeutic indications:

  • it is used for swells after small injuries of extremities without surface wounds, after wrenches and the like
  • supplementary treatment of post-injury oedema, prophylaxy, fissures
  • therapy of burns and frost bites of the first degree, solar dermatitis

Pharmacodynamic indications:

  • it is slightly antiseptic, antiflogistic, and mildly analgesic
  • it works astringently cooling in the area of application
Active substance in 100 g
Solutio aluminii acetico-tartarici 10% 10,0 g

Pharmacotherapeutic group: dermatologic / other dermatologic

ATC code: D11AX

Packaging: 50 g, 100 g

Dosage and method of administration: Apply a film of the cream to the undamaged skin, then rub lightly and use water-resistant bandage and let effect for several hours, or once to three times a day apply to the afflicted area.