Pasta s rybím olejom VULM (Paste with fish oil)

Pasta cum olei jecoris aselli

Dermal Paste
Fish oil

Therapeutic indications:

  • treatment and preventive treatment of diaper dermatitis, burns (i.e., in excessive sunbathing), frostbites, decubitus, varicose ulcers
  • it speeds up healing of small cut wounds and scratches

Pharmacodynamic indications

  • the paste with a granulation, epithelisation, and slightly drying effect
  • the high volume of fish oil an d vitamins A and D and optimum composition of adjuvants guarantee good healing and antiinflammatory effect to the injured skin
Active substance in 100 g
Jecoris aselli oleum (25%) 25,0 g

Pharmacotherapeutic group: dermatologics

ATC code: D11AX

Packaging: 20 g, 50 g, 100 g

Dosage and method of administration: It is applied once to three times a day to the skin to afflicted areas.