Tekutý púder s 1 % mentolu (Liquid Powder with 1% menthol)

Dermal Suspension

a traditional suspension with astringent, antiinflammatory, cooling and significant anti-itching effect

Therapeutic indications:

  • it is used for the treatment of itchy skin manifestations like acute non-weepy contact eczema dermatitis, chicken pox, urticaria (hives), after insect bites and the like
Active substances in 100 g
Zinci oxidum 24,5 g
Levomentholum 1 g

Pharmacotherapeutic group: dermatologics

ATC group: D02AB, Preparations containing zinc oxide

Packaging: 100 g dermal suspension

Dosage and method of administration: Apply the suspension several times a day to the afflicted area in an even thin film and let dry up. Do not apply bandage.