Aescin VULM®

Food supplement

Food supplement with content of natural substance aescin in form of extract of horse chestnut (lat. Aesculus hippocastanum).

30 mg of aescin in 1 tablet

Healthy legs

  • Helps maintain healthy blood circulation
  • Helps maintain healthy venous circulation in the legs
  • Helps maintain normal venous circulation
  • Reduce the feeling of heavy legs

No swelling

  • Injuries, sprains and swellings caused by sports
  • Swellings after surgery (plastic surgery, tearing teeth of wisdom...)
  • Tired and swollen vocal cords
  • Frequent loss of voice
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Active substances in 1 tablet % RDA*
Aescin (150 mg 20% extract of horse chestnut) 30 mg

* RDA – recommended daily allowance

Packaging: 20 tbl, 60 tbl.

Dosage: Recommended daily dose is 1 tablet per day, preferably during meal. Tablets should be swallowed in whole, not crushed. Drink with sufficient amount of liquid.